We are social creatures. And more than ever, our tools of communication are ultra connected. Our average time on screen sometimes exceeds 4 hours a day! Hence the need for content that captures your attention, triggers you curiosity & keeps you hooked.

Our latest work, filmed as an homage to “Charly’s Angels”, a web series for Oceane Consulting Data Management, a digitizing and data management company based in Rennes & Paris, to present the super ladies of their departments:

Filmed in Paris as well, the new series of reels for Caspresso coffee capsules:

Those capsules were created by Casper & Gambini’s for whom we also created the 25 TASTY YEARS campaign:

Take a look at our campaign for SANTELL sanitizers, they definitely kill germs, not moods!



Branding is not merely the art of creating an image for a brand or a project. It is making sure, once again, that every detail follows: How you first encounter the logo and signage, what is it inspired from, what does it reflect, the color palette, the shapes, the people that welcome you, the tone of voice on the social media channels, the art works curated for the premises… Everything has to reflect the core identity of the people and the project. Storytelling is best when it is authentic!

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